Look Who’s Talking Now

While I was getting busy talking about Incredible Leadership last week, Boy Wonder was doing something incredible himself. He said his first words. That’s right, he can talk now folks!

Bex brought him to see me at work the other day and as we were saying goodbye, I could not believe my ears. I heard a his little voice calling out. It was soft at first, then loud and commanding. And what were his first words? “Da-Dadda DADDY!” He was actually talking.

I know we already posted the video on Instagram and Facebook but here it is anyway. It’s too adorable not to share. No there’s no bias here.

Right now, the “da da da’s” are cute. But wait until the “da da da’s” turn into “F%$#, f%$#, f%$#”. I bet the check out lady at our grocery store will think that’s adorable. Her name is Marge. She has blue hair and wears half-moon glasses. I bet she’s never heard an F-bomb in her life. So imagine the look on her face when it comes out of a babies mouth. That’s when I’ll pretend to put on my stern face and say “Young man, what has your mother been teaching you.”

We credit this breakthrough in baby communications to Day Care. Babies need that socialization with other babies but to be honest, I wasn’t thrilled with sending him to day care at first. Blame my own childhood trauma, but places like that remind me too much of a half-way house for kids. I could just imagine overhearing the conversations among the babies after I drop Boy Wonder off:

“Hey Toothless, what are you in for?”

“I don’t belong here. My mommy’s gonna come back and get me any second.”

“That’s what they all say on the first day in the joint.”

But it wasn’t like that at all. It went more like this:

“Thanks for the ride Old Man. See ya later. Whoa, Elijah is that a Batman shirt?!”

He never even looked back and I couldn’t be prouder.


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