Incrdedible Leadership Lessons: Love and Patience

Lessons in Incredible Leadership are back!

This week I’ll be doing a series on leadership and how it relates to parenthood. Today’s topic is love and patience.

Patience has a calming effect on everyone under its influence. IncrediDads, Super-Sidekicks, and IncrediMoms alike can be soothed when we all practice patience. Cranky people aren’t always super- villains, sometimes they just need us to listen to them vent. When we stop to listen to what they actually need, we know how to help them better.

Impatience does just the opposite. A person huffs and puffs until everyone knows he’s unhappy, for not getting his way. Then this innocent bystander turns into a super villain in the eyes of the people who matter most.

Thankfully, love lengthens the fuse of patience.

Love lends us the capacity to care about what another person might be experiencing. Whether it’s a little face looking up at yours or a coworker sitting across from you, love lets us look behind the angry face to see the hurting heart. That makes it easier for us to shows

mercy to the person crying out for help.

So the next time you want to yell at that screaming kid or avoid your coworker at the water fountain remind yourself that leadership, like parenthood, isn’t complicated. Just remember that it’s not about you. Just show a little patience and a lot of love.

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