Stressed Out

Stress isn’t fun to talk about. Usually, I sweep mine under the rug and dance around like it’s not there. Why? Because we all have it. The only thing that makes my stress more important than yours is that it’s mine. So, I won’t sit here and bore you with my problems because you’ve got plenty of your own. Instead, I’d like to talk about another gizmo on the trusty IncrediDad utility belt – Communication.

One of the benefits of being a parent is feeling a new sense of pride and responsibility for your burgeoning little family. But with great pride and responsibility comes great anxiety too. Then, to make matters worse, like Batman, you feel like you’re forced to keep it to yourself, kind of.

When I was growing up, I was aware of when my parents were at odds and feeling tense but I was also blissfully ignorant of anything more than that. Why should I have felt differently? My parents were really great at making me feel safe and secure. I never had a reason to pick up on the bad stuff. If there were worries and troubles, they had enough class and courtesy to let me be a kid and hash their issue out somewhere else. When we were together, they never seemed to let those worries effect their attitude towards me. That’s the skill I need to hone for my little sidekick. I should ask my mom how her and dad did it.

I know it’s a good idea to talk to someone when you’re stressed out. You know, let it out, blow off some steam if necessary. Bex thinks it’s a good idea to start these conversations in bed, just as we’re falling asleep. I’m happy to be there for her. However, I’m not as happy for the sleepless night that usually follows. Once we talk, she feels better, and drifts right to sleep. At least one of us will sleep well tonight.

As long as I’m up, I might as well go raid the fridge. See you in the IncrediKitchen!

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