Fascination With Facetime

Boy Wonder will definitely grow up being better equipped to handle long distance relationships than I ever could. Why? FaceTime. Take it from someone who's lived on the other side of the country, away from his family for a long time, FaceTime rules. I'll bet that most of you grew up in the Stone Age. I'm talking about those Flintstone days, where we actually had to pick up the phone and dial up…
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Stressed Out

Stress isn't fun to talk about. Usually, I sweep mine under the rug and dance around like it's not there. Why? Because we all have it. The only thing that makes my stress more important than yours is that it's mine. So, I won't sit here and bore you with my problems because you've got plenty of your own. Instead, I'd like to talk about another gizmo on the trusty IncrediDad utility belt -…
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A Not-So-Secret-Identity:

Boy Wonder’s Life Online

My Grandma has photo albums filled with embarrassing childhood photographs of me. I didn't have a choice in what shots were taken, what made the books, and what should have been burned immediately. Lucky for me, those photo albums are buried on the bottom shelf of a bookcase in her dining room. Safely stored on the other side of the country, they have as little chance of seeing the light of day…
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