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All fathers know that being a dad can be difficult and that the moment that your child is born me and your shoulders have to expand to bear the burden. There are also unexpected responsibilities that come with being a father. For example, who would have thought that one of these responsibilities would be choosing a rug for your kid’s bedroom. Below we will take you through some of the considerations you may want to take into account. 

One thing to consider is the material of the rug. You will probably want something that is kind to your little one’s skin and something that is easily washable. This is because, despite how cute they may be, they will make a mess. A good material is well, as it is as near as possible to being hypoallergenic, and it is also very hardwearing and cleanable. Another option, and this is possibly cheaper if this is attractive, is polypropylene. Also, perhaps choose a darker colour, as the lightest shades will only show up a multitude of sins.

Your kids though will probably be most excited about the athletic elements of the rug. For example, they may want a rug that shows their favourite cartoon character, their favouritesuperhero, or even a scene from their favourite film. A rug can even be part of your kids play and can help them have hours of fun, as rugs are available that can be used as puzzle boards, as mini football games, or as car tracks. Just make sure you get your child involved in the choice.  

As we have seen, there are a few considerations when you are choosing a rug for your little one’s bedroom. However, despite the difficult choice, it will be a lot of fun, as everything is when you have a little one. If you need any more tips then be sure to check out the info graphic below from our partners at which gives a few more ideas on the rugs available for kids’ bedrooms.

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