Here’s A “Quicky”

My own IncrediDad used to refer to going to the toilet as “Taking a quicky.”Well here is a quicky for you.

Boy Wonder has discovered how to pull off his super-suit, err, his diaper. If I do not put his pants on fast enough, I usually have a streaker running from room to room in my home. Such was the case not too long ago.

He was naked and squatting over the carpet by the time I followed him into our bedroom. He was grunting and I had horrifying visions of the turtle head poking out. So, I did the first thing I could think to do. I carried him into the bathroom and help him over the toilet until he was finished.

When we heard the two little plops, he looked down into the bowl, smiled, and clapped.

“I did it!” He proudly told me.

Let’s hope his quicky is a good omen for easy potty training.

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