Another Super-Power Discovered

Yesterday morning was pretty Incredible. Boy Wonder and I were hanging out in the living room as usual. He was leaning against the wall and I was sitting on the couch. I called out to him, “Come here buddy!”, never expecting that he actually would. But then he surprised us both by pushing off the wall and Frankensteining his way over to me.

The look on both our faces said it all, “What did you do?!” “Daddy, What did I do!” I told him how proud I was of him and we both burst into giggles. Then we practiced walking over and over again. He kept using his new superpower all day. He even walked past his afternoon nap. By the end of the day, Boy Wonder was so tired that I swear it was the best night of sleep he’s had in his entire life.

Believe it or not, our first instinct was not to press record on the camera, instead we filmed these clips hours later. To us, they’re just as good as those first steps all by himself.

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