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Of all the things I could pass on to my son, over eating was not high on the list.

I admit it. I constantly have a bad case of the Munchies. I could eat lunch and twenty minutes later I’ll be foraging through the kitchen for a snack. As it turns out, Luke’s not much better.

I got a text message from Bex while I was at work. She was complaining that all Luke wanted to do was eat. Yup, no paternity test needed there. That’s my boy.

When he eats, he’s like a bottomless pit. First he does ten minutes with each boob but still have room to finish a 4 oz. bottle after. Usually, that will hold him for half an hour, maybe an hour of we’re lucky. When he’s hungry again, he screams like he’s been starved for weeks.

Now, I’m not into body shaming but you know how some guys get a beer belly? Luke’s starting to grow a milk belly. Who am I to talk though? I realize I could lose half a pound or two. I take full responsibility for my girth. The thinking went something like “Well, I’ve got a hot wife. If she leaves me for being fat that means she’s shallow.” Some days I feel like I’ll never lose this baby weight. I guess that’s the price of being a father.

I’ve been doing some thinking about this. Sure, I could eat less but I like food. I enjoy food more than I enjoy people some days. But I also want to be a good example for my son. There’s no way I’ll do that by emulating President No. 45 and his 12 diet cokes a day.

No one says I have to over eat on junk food, cake, and fast food, right? What about carrots, broccoli, radishes, and fruits? There isn’t a diet in the world that would tell me to limit my intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.

But what about the Super Bowl? That’s coming up soon! It’s like thanksgiving for your coffee table. Instead of turkey, mashed potatoes, and a full entree, you serve easy to manage finger foods. Highlights might include: nachos, chips, sliders, and of course, my home town favourite, chicken wings. For an over eater, this is a great way to pick up those extra ten pounds I’ve been meaning to gain.

We recently tried substituting chicken wings for buffalo cauliflower bites. I was skeptical at first. What could compare to the crispy, spicy, savoury experience that a chicken wing brings? Then I saw how easy they were to make. You drown the veggies with a hot sauce mixture and bake it for twenty minutes. Serve it with a side of blue cheese. That’s all there is to it. Taking a bite reminded me of popping a boneless chicken wing in my mouth. Delicious! As an added bonus, it was a (slightly) healthier and more filling dinner.

Cutting down on portion size may seem easier to some people. Great. Do it. You’ll probably get results too. I’ve tried moderation and it usually sends me to bed with my stomach growling. So, if my son is going to see me over eating. I want him to see me devouring the healthy stuff. Monkey see, monkey do, after all.

Have you seen David Letterman’s interview with former U.S. President Barrack Obama on Netflix? Something I heard them say really stuck out. “I don’t want my kids to come to me in twenty years and say “you knew this was a problem yet you did nothing about it?” Although these gentlemen were referring to politics, climate change, and the economy, I would like to think it applies to our bodies too.

You read it here first folks. I’m going to start eating healthier foods now, so I don’t have to listen to my kid bitching at me later on.

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